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What are the characteristics of extrusion molding process?
2019 March 07th Thursday
(1) improve the deformation capacity of raw materials. Metal materials in the extrusion deformation zone in strong three to compressive stress state, can give full play to its plasticity, large deformation. (2) the products high comprehensive quality. Extrusion can improve the organization of raw material, improve the mechanical properties of the extruding products after quench aging, longitudinal mechanical properties is much higher than other methods. Compared with the methods such as rolling, forging, extrusion products of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality. (3) the flexibility. Extrusion has great flexibility, need to replace the mold can be on the same machine shape, size, and variety of products, and change work mould operation simple and convenient, low time consuming, high efficiency. (4) technological process is simple, less equipment. Relative to the punch rolling, rolling, such as tubing and molding technology, extrusion has the advantages of short process flow.