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Methods to make LED grow light panels
2015 June 05th Friday

1.Mark 50 holes inside the ceiling panel, five rows of 10 holes just about every, about 1/4 inch broad. Leave a six inch space across the outer perimeter and drill the holes just about every 3 1/2 inches. Use a moveable drill to drill the holes.

2.Poke the lights with the back with the panel so that the tip from the Polycarbonate profile protrude through the surface. They must be a snug match. (Do not consider pulling the lights by means of otherwise you might possibly danger the chance of ruining the bulbs.)

3.Scorching glue the cord towards the panel on both sides of each hole so that it sits securely.

4.When the first strand of lights is employed, plug the next in to the end within the primary one and skip a hole. Glue the plastic portion of your plug on the panel to maintain it from sliding about. Continue pushing the rest of the lights into the holes.

5.Drill two holes on either finish of your panel to hang a mounting rope. Slide a 6-foot segment of the thin rope down through the top rated and up through the other hole. Knot the ends collectively. Do the identical for your other side.

6.Hang your increase light from hooks mounted more than your seedlings. Plug it in and view them increase.