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Plastic Extrusion
2014 March 27th Thursday

Lansun plastic is a leading company in the field of plastic materials, characterizes itself for the experience and high technology in the extrusion of tubes,profiles, sheets and diffusers produced for many and different applications.And whatever type of plastic extrusion clients customize, we have the expertise, the equipment, and the manufacturing capability to meet requirement. Our company is present in a wide variety of industrial and commercial sectors;

Lighting and illumination

Furniture industry

Automotive industry

Decoration and display

Electronic industry

Shopping centre and shop design

Lansun guarantees to our customers a total care in the development of the product to be extruded and in its production through a design office supported by the use of upgraded software and large experience gained from in-housing tooling. This allow Lanxun Plastic to realize and develop particular projects on customer’s request.

• 12 extrusion lines

• More than 300 produced profiles


• Development of projects and technical elaboration of the profiles for the customer

• Advice in the choice of raw material

• In-house Tooling

• Mono and co-extruded products

• Quality control